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Michael was very helpful! I told him I'm a grower, valleydabber on ig, and I was here on business and needed some extra dank fuel chemical stuff, hooked me up with "dirty white girls", it was freaking right what I wanted, so much so I'm looking for the beans to grow it myself. You should give him a raise, serious

Kj was very friendly, answered all the questions we had seemed very knowledgeable and just really seemed to be happy and enjoys what she does. I love it.

Ebony is Happy, gave good recommendations and treated us like we were real people. That sounds sad but it's kind of the reality that many budtenders have a "get you in, get you out" attitude. There is nothing inherently wrong with that (I realize things get busy) but I would rather deal with a store who would hire someone like Ebony than other stores in the area.

Kaitlyn gave great recommendation based on price range given. Will be coming back again!

I love when I come in and Madi is free. She is so sweet and cool. Also, she is very patient with me. I tend to take a while to make my choices, but in my defense you do have soooo much to choose from, which is a good thing

Terri provided wonderful customer service. Informed me of the benefits of getting a medical card. Her knowledge and professionalism was astounding. Thank you for the great experience!

Andrew was splendid. Quickly found what I wanted even though I wasn't sure myself. Best shop I've visited.

Jeffery was very upbeat, knowledgeable and professional. The whole staff is great and makes me want to make this my store.

Quinn is truly an embodification of all things and concepts that could possibly be viewed in a remotely positive light. He reminds me of a day long ago in which the dread pirate party and the Gardner's daughter absconded to Maryland for a milkshake and a heavy BDSM session, in the sense that Quinn is so incredibly outstanding that you might not believe it. If he were a bird, he would be a good one like a redwinged blackbird or a stellars jay. Not one of those bullshit birds like a northern flicker or a European starling.



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July 8, 2017

Strain Review: White Gorilla BHO Wax by Blue Sky Growers

Wild Question Marks and devious Semikoli, but the Little Blind Text didn’t...
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