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Burn Well Big Winner: Dense Frosty Nugs

By June 7, 2018 No Comments

Today on the 314 of the Chronicast everyone tried out flower from Weed Snobs and Burn Well. They started off with Weed Snobs and talked a little about the packaging. Although most of the cast members prefer jars they agreed that they liked the design on the bags. they also liked that they package allowed you to get a full view of the weed. They liked all the crystals on the nugs, but they found seeds and though that was pretty disappointing. Overall most said it was a puff puff pass. They would not, buy or try this products again. Then they moved on to Burn Well. They liked that the jars had magnifiers, but they really did not like the seal. Most of the cast members liked the weed a lot especially the Mental Glue. There were a couple of outliers that said it was a bit harsh. Oddly enough even though the weed was liked the cast was split when it came to deciding whether or not they would buy it, try it or puff puff pass it. The big reason was that they did not trust the seal. It was not purse friendly. In the end it was clear that even though most said they would not buy it Burn Well was definitely the winner.

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