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On today’s show, Random, Matt and Quinn are smoking on Black Label and their sub brand Red Label.  The strained being reviewed today includes the Tangiland, the Bruce Banner, the Cannalope Kush and last but not least Glacier Glue strains.

About Dank’s Chronicast 

If this is your first time watching a Chronicast, we’d like to give a brief introduction, a walkthrough, of some of the terms we use and why we rate the way we do.

All of our budtenders at Dank’s Wonder Emporium use a “Star Rating” System to determine the quality of each feature of each product. These features include but are not limited to: the packaging, the product structure (if applicable), the “nose” (the aroma of the product), the flavor, the smoothness or harshness, the effects, and the overall score of the product.

We also like to review the lab test results of the product, the price point, the genetics of the strain (if applicable) and share any infomation we have about the brand.

?If you’re new to cannabis concentrates, or anything else in the cannabis market, here’s a cheat-sheet of terms and what they refer to. 


Price Point

Though Dank’s Wonder Emporium doesn’t carry this brand in the shop, if we did the grams would sell of Black Label of $ 11 and the Red Label for $ 6.


Random was impressed by the packaging from the black label company. The big window and the mirror finish was said to have really helped the overall look of the package especially in the black labeled bags.

Matt likes that the packaging is very simple and not seeking attention.

Random gave the bags a 3 star rating, while Matt gave the black labeled bag a 4 and the red bags a 3 star rating, Quinn gave the Red label a 3 and the black label he gave a 2.

Tangieland Black Label Cannabis Washington Marijuana

Test Results: Tangiland

THCA is 30.1%, CBD 0% giving a total testing of 30.7%

The “Nose” ⭐

The tangiland was said to have a musky smell with not a lot of the tangi coming out. Which was a slight disappointment for the reviewers.

The overall star rating was for Quinn 3.5, Matt gave a 3 on the nose for the tangiland.

Appearance & Consistency 

The appearance of the tangiland to Quinn was like a mountain, you would go snowboarding on. Random admired how dense and solid it was. It has a beautiful purple color

Quinn rated the tangiland a 6 for appearance and nug structure


The flavor for Quinn was awesome ‘not a lot of the tangi coming through but it is super super sweet’ he stated. Quinn felt as if tasted like a piece of candy from the gas station. Matt also attest to the sweetness of the Tangiland.

For flavor Matt gave the Tangiland a 4 star rating

Smoothness / Harshness ⭐

The tangiland was described as super-super smooth and the ratings showed for this as all three reviewer gave the tangiland from Black Label a 5 out of 5 stars.


 Buy, Try, or Puff-Puff Pass?

For Quinn given the price point, the Tangiland would be a Try or happy hour Buy. Matt also gave the Tangiland a Try and added that the happy hour price would make it a definite Buy


The Effects

The Tangiland gave a tension that cause a stiffness in Quinn’s shoulder area. Matt also experienced a tightness and a weight at the back of his eyes. Quinn feels however if he were somewhat active he wouldn’t notice the tension he is feeling. The Tangiland was indeed a good start to the show.

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