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Welcome to the Dank’s Wonder Emporium Industry Show with your host, Random Vaughn! We’re kicking off this new featured segment with an in-depth discussion between Random and two representatives from WOW Industries.

About WOW Industries

WOW Industries is an I-502 Recreational Marijuana producer and processor located in Eastern Washington that provides flower, RSO, concentrates, CBD capsules and more. They specialize in making Golden PHO, and you can see what all that buzz is about when you look through their “Goodies Gallery” on their website.

Here at Dank’s Wonder Emporium we are always looking to connect with the marijuana community, and what better way than to interview our local producers, processors, growers, and suppliers? Get an inside scoop and see what’s behind the brand!

Industry Show Q & A

Random: Can you give us some history about you how you got into this industry? Did you start out as medical?
WOW Industries: We started in medical, yes. I was a flight attendent for 17 years and Lance was in the mortgage business when we decided to switch to medical [marijuana].

Random: Am I allowed to ask what Airline you worked for?
WOW Industries: Alaskan Airlines.

Random: Okay, so you left the airline industry and you were working in mortgages– tell me about that, what year did you make the switch?
WOW Industries:  We lived in Costa Rica prior to jumping into the marijuana side of things, and we made a decision that I [Lance] was going to start growing medically like some of my friends were. In 2012 we partnered with a fellow that had a medical shop open in Spokane, so [we] began there. Soon after that Washington state legalized [marijuana], so we chose to move right into the production/processing side of things, so we’d feel a little more assured that we were going to be licensed, as opposed to the lottery retail.

Random: Back then there were a lot of shops being shut down. I mean we had our own fight over here, but in Eastern Washington there were shops getting shut down and raided well into 2014. So tell me about that– were you outside the city limits? Were you in a county that was more chill with it? Did you have a partnership or some ownership of that collective?
WOW Industries: We partnered with a fellow that had absolutely no funds really, and this was after the FEDs came in. The FEDs came in around 2012, and we were known pretty much as “Spokannabis”or “Spoke-Amsterdam”, because we had so many stores open at that time. Well the FEDs came in, shut everybody down, and we were making these decisions in our life as things were coming about, and we knew this is what our heart was telling us, we knew that this is what we needed as a whole. So we searched out what we were going to do and found this fellow, and we financed the store, put money into it and made it full business. We were one of the longest stores around in Spokane, we were Northside Alternative Wellness Center.

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