The Brands We Carry and Why

Dank’s Wonder Emporium works hard every day reviewing different products and determining what products we feel our customers and patients would enjoy and benefit from.

We have full time staff, whose sole job is to source, review, test, procure and educate our staff and the public regarding the products.  Since our first shop, searching for amazing products has been 50% of what we do at Dank’s Wonder Emporium.

The process starts by us receiving samples from producer/processors.  No product is put on our shelf until we have personally tested multiple samples from the vendor.  Each Strain, Each Preroll, Each Gram of Oil, Each Cartridge.  With our 100% satisfaction guarantee exchange policy, we have to do everything we can before we put it on the shelves to make sure customers are going to like it.

Most sampling occurs Live on Air, during our Daily Chronicast that streams live to Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Periscope/Twitter, and now Twitch.  We give our honest opinion regarding Packaging, Smell, Trim Job/Bud Structure, Flavor, Smoothness/Harshness and Effects.

If something is determined by our staff that they believe our customers and patients would love and we need on the shelf, our procurement team goes to work determining if we are going to be able to provide that product at the best possible price.  We want customers and patients to always know that at Dank’s Wonder Emporium they will receive the best price on whatever brand they choose.

In addition, to our procurement process, Dank’s strives to educate customers and patients around the brands we carry, allowing them to make an informed decision when it come to their purchases.  We do this through two ways, first The Industry Show, where we interview the Owners of different Producer/Processors.  A hour long show were we get a complete understanding of the company’s products, values and culture.

Second, with Vendor Days where different Producer/Processors are at our locations from 3-6pm making them able to speak one on one with customers directly, answering their questions about their products and also providing insight into the industry as a whole.

Below are many of the brand we carry!

Hopefully you can spot your favorite,

or maybe discover a new one.

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