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Redemption Weed Reviews: Don’t Smoke This

By June 8, 2018 No Comments
Reviewing Weed Brands From The Past

Today episode 315 of the Chronicast was a redemption episode where the cast members tried out some weed from brands that were pulled from the shelves at Dank’s Wonder Emporium. They smoked some buds from Novo Dia, Toucan Farms, Fire House, Peaks, Dutchies and Leaph. Toucan farms was the first brand to be reviewed and everyone hated it. They all decided to puff puff pass. Then they tried Novo Dia everyone agreed they would try it and they enjoyed the smell. They said they might buy it for $15.00 an eighth. It was mentioned that their packaging was not exciting enough and their product would sell better in a jar. After that they tried out Peaks weed and everyone puff puff passed. Some said it was mostly stems, but the overall consensus was do not smoke this. Leaph was not well liked and was also a puff puff pass. Overall in the end the only brand that made through the redemption episode was Nova Dia. None of these products are carried at Dank’s Wonder Emporium, but the brand of the day is Boggy Boon and all of their products are currently 20%.

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