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Smoking Super Dank Rapper Kush And Talking About Sports

By June 9, 2018 No Comments

Chronicast Episode 316 Smoking Dank Kush

Today on the Chronicast the cast was smoking some weed from THC Farms. They are known for their popular strain of Rapper Kush which is a heavy indica that has a piney, sweet and pungent taste. Next everyone tried both flower and concentrates in Sour Diesel, Rapper Kush and Memory Loss. After that they discusses the upcoming packaging changes. In the future they will be color coding some of their products in the future. Then they talked a little about the farm. All of THC Farms products are indoor and hydro grown. They have tours available on their website sharing information about their farm and growing process for those who are curious.

Next, they talked about sports, athlete dorms and which teams win and which ones don’t. Alabama always wins. A lot of colleges have separate dorms for athletes.  They moved onto talking about the assisted living complex that will be coming soon to Olympia, Fathers Day and video games. Some of the casts favorite games to play while high are Skyrim, Fortnight and Fallout. They said the sour D would be a great strain to smoke before playing games because it was so chill.

Some of the favorite strains were Sour Diesel and Rapper Kush. The shatter was another product that cast members loved. Some said the Sour D gives a relaxing mellow high. There were even some cast members who don’t typically like Deisel strains liked were pleasantly surprised and liked them. Towards the end everyone got quieter. In the end everyone was super stoned and feeling good. All Rapper Kush products are 20% off for the day at Dank’s Wonder Emporium in Lacey Washington. The Rapper K shatter is usually $20.00, but today it’s $16.00 which is quite a steal.