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Thank you for joining us for another episode of  Dank’s Wonder  Emporium Strain Reviews!  Share your thoughts on this strain and if you’ve tried the product, what did you think about it? Feel free to reply to this post or comment on the video on any of our social sites!

In this Episode of Dank’s Strain Reviews: We get to smoke with Jeffie the Budtender as he reviews “Blackberry Kush” by Hemp Kings.

About Dank’s Strain Reviews 

If this is your first time watching one of our Strain Reviews, we’d like to give a brief introduction, a walkthrough, of some of the terms we use and why we rate the way we do.

Jeff and the other budtenders at Dank’s Wonder Emporium use a “Star Rating” System to determine the quality of each feature of each product. These features include but are not limited to: the packaging, the product structure (if applicable), the “nose” (the aroma of the product), the flavor, the smoothness or harshness, the effects, and the overall score of the product.

We also like to review the lab test results of the product, the price point, the genetics of the strain (if applicable) and share any infomation we have about the brand.


Test Results

“Blackberry Kush” from Hemp Kings is testing at 30.62% according to their packaging.


Price Point

Keeping in mind that this is a top shelf brand, this strain of “Blackberry Kush” would sell for about $11.67 per gram.



The genetics for “Blackberry Kush” are a cross of “Afghan Kush” and “Blackberry“. This is hard-hitting Indica for sure.

Packaging  ⭐ ⭐

The packaging is pretty plain and simple. It’s a Mylar bag with a viewing window, though there is not much artistic application or other notable features to this display.

The “Nose” ⭐

There is a very faint “Blackberry” smell (sweet and berry-esque), nothing overpowering, but it does smell very good.

Trim Job ⭐

The trim job is phenomenal, there was great attention to detail. There’s a very tiny stem, but it is easily overlooked because of the tightness and density of the bud.

Nug Structure ⭐

Jeff describes the density as being “hard as a rock”. The bud is healthy and has lots of beautiful hairs and crystals. He says that the bud is a bit drier than he expected, but the structure is still a solid 5. If he were rating just the dryness factor, it would be a 3.

Flavor ⭐

The first thing that hits you is a faint taste of sweet purple grapes. The flavor is definitely a tasty one!

Smoke Harshness ⭐

This strain is smooth, it’s very easy to smoke. It really sets the standard for how smooth flower should be. Jeff applauds Hemp Kings for their smoothness on this strain.

The Effects ⭐

Jeff feels very sleepy and “couch-locked” after sampling this strain. His eyelids started to feel heavy almost instantaneously. This is an excellent “chill-out and veg” or “bedtime bud” strain

Overall Score ⭐

Jeff gave an overall score of 3.8, but we’re rounding it up to 4 after receiving very consistent buds like this one from Hemp Kings.


 Buy, Try, or Puff-Puff Pass?

Jeff feels this is a definite buy, we’ve got to agree with him! For some truly top shelf buds, be sure to check out “Blackberry Kush” from Hemp Kings! 

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