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Sure Fire Weed Review: Tasty Kief

By June 16, 2018 No Comments

Chronicast 320: Smoking Kief and Flower

Today on the Chronicast the cast members smoked some flower and kief from Sure Fire. They started off by reviewing the bag. They gave the packaging a 3 out of 5. They don’t usually like flower to be stored in bags, but it is the kind that stands so it does not squish the flower. Next they tried the Blue Dream strain. The nug crackles, smells nice and has a good flavor. They talked a little about how the Blue Dream strain is a good easy strain to try for beginners. They agreed that the flower had a nice berry taste.

Next they moved onto the kief which is a hybrid strain. Jon talked a little about his roof top adventures this morning. Then they talked a little bit about the active shooter that was in Sea Tac yesterday. Traffic is already crazy in that area and gun fire only makes it worse.

After discussing current events they talked about whether the product was worth another try they both agreed it was at least a try. They also tried out a new strain they have never heard of before called Ghost Of Leroy. The nug had good structure and smell a little fruity. It was pretty dense and frosty with orange hairs. The bud gave them pretty sticky fingers. After smoking it they realized the taste was more earthy than fruity.

In Conclusion

When they moved onto aroma they were not to impressed. They gave it about two or three. It was not super stinky, but still was a nice smell. They agreed that they would try the Glue and Blue Dream strain for about $20-$25 an eighth. They also talked a little more about kief. They mentioned that it had a nice color and agreed they definitely consider buying it in the future. In the end they discussed the recent raccoon that  climbed a sky scraper and got pretty baked.

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