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On today’s show, Random, Lacey, Elma, Nakia, and Kyle are smoking on From The Soil Label. The strained being reviewed today includes the  Alien Orange Cookie, The Pamelena, The Gorilla Glue #4, The River City Orange Fire and the Ghost Trin Hayes crossed with Tangy.

About Dank’s Chronicast 

If this is your first time watching a Chronicast, we’d like to give a brief introduction, a walkthrough, of some of the terms we use and why we rate the way we do.

All of our budtenders at Dank’s Wonder Emporium use a “Star Rating” System to determine the quality of each feature of each product. These features include but are not limited to: the packaging, the product structure (if applicable), the “nose” (the aroma of the product), the flavor, the smoothness or harshness, the effects, and the overall score of the product.

We also like to review the lab test results of the product, the price point, the genetics of the strain (if applicable) and share any infomation we have about the brand.

💡If you’re new to cannabis concentrates, or anything else in the cannabis market, here’s a cheat-sheet of terms and what they refer to. 


The packaging for the ‘Dogtown Pioneer’ products, Random taught the bags were super plain as if they just got some bags and slapped a sticker on it. The jars looked similar to those from marijuannapackaging.com. Kota rather the jars and like that they were easy to tear open and felt like the simplicity showed the Dog Town Pioneer’s confidence in the product. Lacey liked the logo but also saw the packaging as plain.

Random gave the Jars a 3-star rating, Kota a 2-star rating and Lacey a 4-star rating. On the bag packaging Random was not a fan and gave them a 1-star rating and Kota a 3 star.

Test Results: Blue Berry Train Ride

19.3% THCA, 0.2 CBD, 17.13 Cannabinoid.

The “Nose” ⭐

The nose on the Blueberry Train Ride was a lite berry smell but not very strong. The nose was not a hit factor for Random but as he cracked it he noticed more berry coming through. His star rating was 2-stars.

Kota also got a berry smell of the berry and a little more kick since the nug was cracked.

Lacey taught it wasn’t an unpleasant smell but it was just not super present.

Nug Structure, Appearance & Consistency 

The appearance of the nugs was described as ‘a decent cure, not a horrible trim job’. Not very dense, just a little bit dry according to Kota.

The density of the nug was Random’s main reason for his 2-star rating.


Kota really liked the kick she got in the pipe, she still did like the flavor and gave a strong 3.7 out of 5 stars. Lacey also agreed that the pipe gave a better sense of the flavor of the Blueberry Train Ride, and gave a 3-star rating

Smoothness / Harshness ⭐

The Blueberry Train Ride was harsher out of the bong than the pipe for both Lacey and Kota.


The Effects

The effects definitely gave a carefree feeling to Kota. According to Random ‘it was doing what it was supposed to be doing.’

It also gave Lacey a ‘whatever’ and ‘content mood’, less stress and carefree.

 Buy, Try, or Puff-Puff Pass?

Given that Kota like the Blueberry Train strain of cannabis she would give this particular brand a try, Lacey would also give it a try especially at a $5 price point.

Test Results: Permafrost (Jar)

Permafrost – 70/30 Sativa mix. THCA 18.80%, THC 0.6%, CBD 0.7% Total 17.09%

Nug Structure, Appearance & Consistency 

The nug structure was just really dry and appeared as if it was seeding or almost beginning to seed.

The “Nose” ⭐

The smell on the nose for the permafrost was really faint. Kota got a little skunk but wish it was better.


‘Smelt skunky tasted berry’ according to Lacey as she enjoyed the taste on the permafrost cannabis from the bong. From the pipe however she taught it was ‘sour as fuck’, agreeing with Kota that it was really not a good taste from the Permafrost marijuana from Dogtown Pioneer.

Out of the Pipe a 1-star rating and out of the bong a 2-star rating.

The Effects

The effects of the permafrost included anxiety, Lacey felt cold and Kota felt like she could ‘run really fucking fast’ after a hit of the permafrost.

 Buy, Try, or Puff-Puff Pass?

For all the reasons listed above the permafrost from Dogtown Pioneer was a Puff-Puff Pass.

Test Results: Blackberry Kush

15.22% THCA, 0.1% CBD

The “Nose” ⭐

The blackberry kush did not have a lot of smell and the scent that was there was hard to place according to Kota’s review; she identified a sweet but it was very faint.

Lacey felt as if she couldn’t smell it even if she had shoved it up her nostril.

Nug Structure, Appearance & Consistency 

The nug structure was dry, a little purple was coming out which Random liked. Kota was not impressed by the blackberry kush from Dogtown pioneer.


The flavor on the blackberry kush was really earthy. It was not piney just almost like dirt.

The Effects

Lacey feels like the effects of the blackberry kush would have her unfocused as in nothing could hold her attention. As if she could be watching a movie and be on her phone just doing nothing.

For Random, its like music weed, where you would put something to ply and just leave it there.

Kota got a ‘sad high’ like she would just sit and reminisce about the past. So next we have the verdict.

Buy, Try, or Puff-Puff Pass?

The reviewers also gave the blackberry kush from Dogtown pioneer a puff-puff-pass.

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